Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blessed Day

My heart is lifted hearing Obama speak.
I feel so lucky to have my children born and raised in this country.
My heart is lifted knowing how far we have come!
I don't think 1 man can change all the damage that has been done these past years,
but I'm so relieved that this man will try.
This man will care about my family's interests.
This man will help protect the country I love.
For those of you that do not support Mr. O,
I'm sad for you today.
I hope that in time, you will see and believe in his optimism and hope for change.
I hope that in time you can will see the beauty of today and what it means in our history.
**Isa and I are still sick.. so it will be awhile before more pics**

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Sorry there has been a lag in the blog.

I've been working on a secret project - yes, it's secret for now and no it's not baby#2..

and it's been taking up SO much time.. more than I had hoped!

Isabelle is just rockin'!

She is cruising around the house, and we expect her to be walking on her on any day now.

She is her happy, amazing self!

Loved Christmas!

Loved playing (and eating) wrapping paper!

She loves to clap, wave, and say Da-Da.

She is working on the "mmmmm" sound

I will be posting pics on Flickr today and tonight..

Again apologies for the delay..

Very, very sorry Karen :o)

Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday!

I know so many of Isa's friends celebrated their first Christmas as well;

we hope Santa was equally good to ya'll!

Our house for one looks like Toys R Us!!

Much love..