Saturday, March 29, 2008

Work Shmurk

So Thomas goes back to work tomorrow night :( Isabelle and I are very bummed, as is of course Thomas. These 2 weeks have flown by so fast. I'm just grateful that we've had this special time together. I spent the morning cooing with Isabelle and making chocolate cigars dolled up in pink foil for his big day back.

And the county was nice enough to give me 3 months off. Granted it wasn't paid since I'm a sub and all, but to not have to worry about work was great. I just signed up for my first 2 shifts back. UGH! It was sooo hard. The only good thing about returning to the library is knowing it gives Thomas & Isabelle some dedicated time together.

As far as Belle Paperie. Well I was given 1 week off... Seriously they came out of the woodwork before I went into labor. Isabelle and I spent some time last week working on samples and production. I technically closed for the month of March, but that didn't stop the orders..

Truth be told I know I'm lucky. I'll be spending somewhere between 8-12 hours/week away from my precious girl.. It will be good for Thomas & Isabelle and for me as well (Thomas told me this afternoon that I wear pj's everyday..and there maybe some itsy bit of truth in that statement..)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sweet Isabelle's Stats

Miss Isabelle is back to her birth weight, so the doc was thrilled! And of course so are we!! That 8lbs. 5oz. puts her in the 60th percentile.

She shrunk! After 3 hours of pushing (yes I do deserve a Mommy medal, thank you!) her head was tad cone shaped.. so now she's just over 20inches. And this too puts her in the 60th percentile area.

The big question... Does she have a Rodriguez head (normal) or Bell head (slightly larger than normal..ever wonder why you don't see me with a hat??).... and it's a Rodriguez head. I don't remember the exact measurement, but it puts her in the 20-30th percentile. This should please her great grandmother :-)

Isabelle was SO strong when they took blood from her foot, though it is very sensitive right now. She gulped down a bunch of milk and is konked out!

Mixed Bag

So for Isabelle's 2nd week birthday, we paid a visit to the Children's Primary Hospital in SLC. Ugh! She had her first appointment with an orthopedic doc. I was not looking forward to this. I had no idea if this would be the first of many doc apts or not. I did dress her super cute in a denim jumper and ultra chic shoes from Kelly E... I figured we may not be happy about having to see a doc, but at least we can be fashionable doing it :-)

This doc actually doesn't think she has ABS, rather he believes that she has a form of brachysyndactyly. Apparently with the "brachy", not all cases have the webbing - as Isabelle does not have.. rather she just has the short fingers on her left hand. At this time the doc doesn't want to do xrays or anything.. too early at 2 weeks of age. I still want to get more info and a second opinion.. it's not that I don't trust or believe this doc, I just want to make sure we have all the information that is available. He too believes like our ped, that Isabelle will have amazing use of her left hand thanks to her normal sized thumb. And he doesn't think she will need surgery - this of course depends on how the bones form.

I guess that is the one positive.. no foreseeable surgeries.. Thank God for small favors..

And we're off today for Isabelle's 2 week Ped visit.. I'll be sure to fill ya'll in on how awesome she scores!!!

I have the doc notes now. He diagnosed her with: Symbrachydactyly‏. The nurse seemed to think both terms referred to the same condition, but for those that are looking into this, you'll find that Symbrachydactyly‏ is a far better explanation.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DVT Awareness Month

Did you know that DVT's kill more people than breast cancer & AIDS combined??

Isabelle and I hope you will take a moment or two to learn more about this silent killer. It effects Isabelle's mommy & grandma.. Sadly chances are she might have the same genetic issues.

But DVT's are not solely an issue for people with blood clotting issues.

Do you know if you are at risk? Do you know the signs?

You can learn more here:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Isabelle's Easter

Our Easter Chick!
Or is it a duck? I'm not sure, but either way she is adorable isn't she?
My darling Isabelle was SO patient with me yesterday.
She been given tons of
gifts and outfits, and of course everyone wants pics!!

Our Easter was super casual and yummy!
My parents gave Isabelle the most adorable Pottery Barn Easter Basket - I'm sure she'll be all about stuffing it full of eggs next year!
And we gave her a purple cow (it was cute!)
I made her an Easter Quilt, nightie (my mom helped with that... we both were too eager to try a new pattern so we both worked on it!), matching shoes,
and of course some handmade plush peeps.
Though I think the peeps look a tad deranged..
Oh well, I'm sure she'll love them :-)

We had planned on dyeing Easter eggs, but that didn't happen..
Oh well we'll try again next year!

And my clients don't seem to "get" I had a baby less than 2 weeks ago..
So Isabelle has ventured into my office downstairs and is becoming
well acquainted with what mama's work is all about.
Hope ya'll had a yummy Easter!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Real Easter Post Is Coming Tonight

So I'll post the Easter news later tonight. I'm going to do some photo sessions with her and there is some news I had wanted to blog about, but didn't find time (imagine that! lol)

Isabelle has put back on most if not all of her weight. She is back to being a greedy gobbler and it is music to both Thomas and I.

She lost her umbilical cord! It had been hanging by a thread and I knew it would happen soon. I went to change her Friday night and it was gone! I remembered that dogs were following me and I panicked! Did the eat it?!?! UGH! Luckily Thomas found it safe and sound. He actually asked if I wanted to keep it, but I informed him that although I love all of Isabelle.. that her umbilical cord was biowaste. Sorry Angel, that ain't going in a scrapbook!!

My mother and I went on some errands for a couple hours. The longest time Isabelle and I have been apart. It was pretty hard, but I was buying her fabric for her April & May quilts.

She is still an Angel! We had some doubters in the family, but it looks like we have been blessed with a a very easy gal. (Though Thomas thinks she has fussy moments.. goodness, I hope we don't have a fussy child later or my hubby will go nuts!)

Thomas and my dad took her on first walk outside (that's a pic of my pops with Isabelle in our front yard) Apparently it sent her to sleep, but it's good she got outside.

And last but not least Brooke visited us yesterday and brought the yummiest cupcakes! She is the sweetest gal and looks so flippin' adorable pregnant!! I can't wait till our babies can play together :-)

Okay.. so Easter pics and post to come later tonight.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Isabelle's First Week

I can't believe our baby girl is already a week old!
Everyday we are truly amazed by the immense amount of love she has created.
Our hearts are lifted by her coos, her "smiles", and gentle spirit.

During the pregnancy I had prepared myself for sleepless nights.
I read that it was "okay" if you didn't feel an immediate
bond at your child's birth.
I feared that I would be scared by her cry.
And none of this has been in our lives.

We have been blessed with such an easy baby. My parents have been here to help, and I'm embarrassed to say Thomas and I
are not sleep deprived.
Bond we did.
No one prepared me that when you deliver a baby,
you deliver your heart.
The love for your child is without end and pure.
I have found Thomas and I are not scared by her infrequent cries.
We are calm and overcome by wanting to meet her every need.

These past days have been the most meaningful of my life.
I treasure every moment I have with her.
Sweet Isabelle.
What amazing days these are..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Isabelle Clara

Things are nuts here to say the least, but before my email inbox is anymore bombarded :-)

Isabelle Clara was born at 3:24pm on 3/12/08
She was 21.5 inches and 8lbs 5oz.

Here is baby and mother :-)

More pics and info to come soon..