Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Best Un-Thanksgiving Ever!

I've always felt that there is too much emphasis on the date of a holiday. Aside from Halloween, I honestly feel like a holiday can be celebrated a day or two early..
in this case it was almost a week!

Thomas and I decided to stay at home for the holidays this year; with the baby, economy and just our general desire to stay home..
My parents were able to come out this week to celebrate Thanksgiving early.

It felt so much like Thanksgiving I kept forgetting that it wasn't for the rest of the country. I had eagerly anticipated my Twilight Zone marathon on TV and why the phone was so quiet. Then I remembered. Thomas knew how much I was missing my favorite sci-fi show, and ran down to the library with Isabelle to pick up some Twilight Zone dvd's - what an awesome husband!!

Thanks to our early bird baby, my mother and I got an early start on all the cooking. We made all our favorites and tried out some new ones. We had deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail, crab dip, and a yard o' beef for starters. Then we had a golden baked turkey, my yummy sweet potato casserole, REAL cranberry relish, oyster dressing, bacon & onion green green beans, and mashed potatoes. For dessert we enjoyed pecan pie with Bourbon whipped cream.. all from scratch! It was YUMM-O!!! And leftovers this morning are all the better!

We topped the evening off by watching "Miracle on 34th St."..
we'll be watching "It's A Wonderful Life"tonight..

This year I'm so thankful! Thankful we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Thankful to be blessed with a loving and supportive husband. Thankful for my loving parents that are always there for us and Isabelle. Thankful for all the wonderful friends in my life. Thankful Thomas' job is secure in an unstable economy. Thankful for all that we have and more..

I hope all of you have an equally beautiful holiday and truly feel thankful in your lives...regardless of when you celebrate the day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Karen rocks!

My best friend from my crazy ASU days is the best! She's coming to visit us in Feb with her baby boy Quinn!! I know how hard it is to travel with a youngster, so it means all the much more that she's going to brave it!!! Thanks Karen! We love you soo much and can't wait to spend a weekend with you! ((Fingers crossed Annalee can make it too!)

And anyone else that would like to visit, PLEASE DO!
We have tons of room, great mountains to ski & snowboard on,
and I've refound my cooking mojo - so you'll eat well!!

Isa is on the mend, but still has a mean runny nose..
Not sure if she'll have a "8 month" photo,
but the Disney pics were taken super close to her birthday!
My folks are coming out this week to celebrate an early Thanksgiving.
So excited!! We're going to party like Pilgrims ;o)
All our traditional meals,"It's A Wonderful Life", and some Twilight Zone!!

I'm thinking of doing a non traditional meal on the actual turkey day
since it will just be the three of us..
Maybe a turkey & cranberry raviolis that I saw on Food Network..
or maybe a Shepard's pie... we'll see

Thomas wants me to dress the baby up as a turkey & take photos..
I told them there was only one turkey in this house and he was it!

Happy early Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

8 months!

Angel pie turned 8 months today!!
I would have done a photo shoot, but sweet Isa has a cold.
I spent the better part of last night cleaning vomit and wiping her nose..
Oh, well I'll try to do a shoot later this week if she's up for it.
And Thomas had to lower her crib.
She has become amazingly good at sitting up on her own..
Happy Birthday Angel pie, hope you feel better soon!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun & Flirty Turned 30!?!

Years ago I planned on celebrating my 30th birthday in Vegas.
Booze, dancing, and lots of gambling..
and then my prayers were answered and we got pregnant.

So we celebrated my big 30 at Disneyland with Isabelle & my parents!
What a wonderful week!!
My parents got us rooms at the Paradise Pier Hotel inside the park! WOOHOO!!

Isabelle loved the parades and now waves ALL the time :o)
She even went on 1 ride all strapped in by herself!
Not a huge fan of the submarine ride or the very loud shows,
but all in all she had a blast!

I brought her Snow White costume with us for her to wear on her first day.
We decided that she is more of a Tinkerbell!
Guess what she's going to be next year :o)
Isa will be Tinker, I'll be Peter Pan (Thomas refused), and Thomas will be Hook.

On our last day we actually ran into Dennis Quaid.
Of course I was my dorkey self.
I always seem to do and or say something ridiculous when in the presence of a celeb,
and this was not an exception..

I'll post the pictures on to Flickr soon!
And we've started planning a trip to Walt Disney World next year!!!