Sunday, July 19, 2009

All Grown Up!

Ah, as Isa grows older my free time shortens :o) We spend the days reading, playing "tea party", and "ring around the rosies". She is so much fun and so dang smart it is really kind of scary. You can ask/tell her just about anything these days and she gets it. We've had to start watching what we say and do :o)

She got her first official haircut last month at "Cookie Cutters". I can not say enough wonderful things about this children's salon. Isa in the past was not a huge fan of having her head or hair touched, and I expected the worse. The stylist was very sweet with Isa, and I couldn't get her out of there! Doesn't she look all grown up with her pigtails?? She's become quite good about letting me do her hair, and most days she sports a ponytail & bow (just don't tell her there's something in her hair!!)

Isabelle is rockin' in her sign language class. She's the oldest and the only one able to sign, and she does love to show off! She recently learned "berry" after maybe me showing her the sign twice. Granted, "please" "sorry"and "more" sometimes all look alike..she's really amazing with it!