Sunday, December 20, 2009

See Ya'll Next Year!

Happy Holidays!
I shall return with more blogging the first week of 2010.

Isabelle send all of you a big wet kiss!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Knowing When To Say When

This past week has been a barrel of stress. From Isabelle's canines that are just sitting on her gum line and causing random spaz outs to my never ending work pile, it's been rough. I know I do more than the average person. I'm not looking for a badge of honor, it's just how I'm wired. Ask my folks, they will tell you I've been this way since I could write a to-do list. I bite off more than I can chew, and 3 months later I'm crawled up in the fetal position boohooing my eyes out.

And honestly I look at the list and there is absolutely nothing I can or want to give up. From play time with Isabelle to making home cooked dinners, that's life. But honestly I can't do it all. I've been feeling like a failure, like everything I do is half assed. I've accepted I can't clone myself and I can't do it all.

So in 2010 I'm making some business changes. And we're hiring a cleaning crew. Thomas & I go round and round on this one. Honestly my time is better spent with Isabelle or Thomas, or working for that matter... And by hiring to do someone to do the cleaning, I'm helping someone else earn an income.

And.. we will be hiring someone to watch Isabelle for 1 day a week so we can play catch up. Right now when we really need to get something done, she'll watch tv for a little while and then wants to play..and rightly so, but we don't always have time to get everything done and read "Monkey & Me" 5 times in a row. We just don't. And I hate the seeing her zone to the tv. She's so dang smart and I feel like Dora is sucking her brain cells out (don't get me wrong, I do need a certain amount of Dora in our life!)

I feel better now. The house is a mess, I'm at least 1 work project behind, and my hair looks like crap.

But I have a plan.

And a plan makes that to-do list less bothersome.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Baking

The Plan

The new creation - gingerbread w/ mini chocolate chip chewies

The perfection of peanut butter

Friday, December 11, 2009

Isa Owns The Joint...

Our kiddo has more character in her littlest finger than most people I know, and she's not even 2! We seriously are going to have our hands in full about 14 years...

At Gymboree this past week, one of the mothers told me about the Grand America's Gingerbread Village (did I mention it's *free). Holy cow, this hotel is the creme de la creme!! Decked out in her finest fake fur, our sweet Isabelle stomped around the place just like a princess. She was pretty interested in the Gingerbread village, but was howling for Santa. Sadly,there was no Santa to be found.

However, they did have a very fun teddy bear exhibit on the 23rd floor. A full suite chock full of teddy bears, candy, and playing a "Winnie the Pooh" movie on the TV. Let's just say Isa was ready to unpack and stay!

And of course.. many more photos on Flickr..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

#2 is #1 !

Isabelle went #2 in her potty chair today!
It just about scared her out of her pants when she realized she had actually
gone #2 in her pretty princess potty throne.

I don't know how many times I told her
*what a big girl
* mama and dada are SO proud
on and on..

Her just rewards was a Dum-Dum lollipop.
Tomorrow at Target we'll get a reward chart and some M&M's for more rewards.

What to go little girl.. I mean big girl!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Never thought

I never thought when our children learned to say "no" that I would laugh my butt off and think it's the most hilarious thing ever..but it is :o)

Christmas Pics!

I've posted all the Holiday pictures so far with the exception of the picture we will use for the Holiday card.. I wouldn't want you to pass out from the insane cute factor.

Isabelle and the Chocolate Advent

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Rush

We had a holiday bonanza today! My parents told us about this fabulous Festival of Trees that they read about in Sunset magazine. It's a big deal here,but somehow we had never heard about it. There are tons and tons of trees that have been decorated and are sold to benefit the Children's Primary Hospital. So beautiful and just a fun family outing.

At the Tree Festival, Isabelle met Santa for the first time (last year we waited till the last minute and it was a pure disaster.. so don't ask..) She was SO excited. She was decked out in her fur coat and had her hair looking super duper cute. While we waited in line, she kept asking and signing for "Santa". She learned his name and our sign for him pretty quickly; she knows who butters that bread! And of course when it was our turn to have pictures with wonderful Santa, we had a full freakout. But we all need those pictures of our kids screaming with Santa..right?
Later this evening we traveled out to Heber for the "Polar Express". In jammies and the beloved fur coat (this girl has thing for coats..) She loved it for the most part. At times our train car was a tad too boisterous in their singing and freaked her out. She loved meeting Mrs. Claus, reading the "Polar Express", and looking at the Christmas lights outside the window. Again, asking and signing for Santa. Where was Santa?!? And another freakout during the great visit. Granted she was less scared and mustered the courage to take the gift bell from his outstretched hand.

I have TONS more pictures, but you just have to wait :o) I'll be working on the Christmas card this weekend and once they are mailed, I will post the rest of pictures on Flickr for all to enjoy.

Hope your Holidays are as much fun as ours. There truly is nothing like watching your child enjoy the magic of the season!