Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time Flies

So I don't have a great excuse as to why it has been MONTHS since I've posted.

All I can say is, time flies when you're having fun!

Isa News

I never thought I'd be "that parent", but I guess I am.
Isa is a genius! She really is!!
She talks all the time! Puts little sentences together and picks up new words daily.
People, she's not even 15 months!
And she loves sign language!
Her favorite sign is "baby"

She loves to hug and started giving kisses yesterday (she did it when I told her I loved her!)

She is SUPER active. She demands to be outside playing on our deck, chasing the dogs,
or on a long walk/jog in her stroller.

She is still not sleeping through the night, but hey, she's a busy gal!

She is the happiest baby I've ever met, and people often comment on that when they meet her.
Unless she has to stop playing or is under the weather, she is laughing & smiling.

She is very mischeivous!
Isa loves to try to play in the cat/dog water bowl daily..
.. she is so wonderful, we thought we'd have another..
we're trying for #2 now!

Daddy News
Thomas is doing awesome at work.
We're so happy that in a rough economy, Thomas' company is doing just great!
He is starting to have time to golf again!
And loves to go jogging with Isa.
And of course he's looking forward to hunting season later this year :o)
Mommy News
I'm in the process of filing my first patent!!
Of course it's crafty related..
I'm hoping to license it, make some $$, and be done with it..
I really don't want to start yet another business :o)
My etsy sales are great!
The library is wonderful!
Still volunteering with Junior League, and looking forward to more fundraisers!
We're so blessed!
I'll try to be back to updating on a regular basis!
Miss photos? Please check out the Flickr account for the latest..
(Not too many new ones right now, but that too will be updated this week!)