Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sit Jenny Sit

So I had my pelvic exam. I'm not dilated and only about 50% thinned out. We were looking at being induced on the 10th. We had just figured out the best day to go into the hospital and were getting our ducks in a row.. then I had my NST today.

My amniotic fluid has made a drastic drop and my blood pressure is up quite a bit from yesterday. So here in the recliner I sit.. and that's about the extent of my world for awhile. We go back in Friday to see if rest has helped or if Izzy will make her debut.

This week has been pretty hectic getting Belle Paperie in order for a month off and finishing up production & consultations. I knew I would be doing alot.. aparently it was too much.

So.. it may be awhile before I blog, call, or email. All is well I'm sure, it's just the first issue that has blindsighted us.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know, I know.. I don't celebrate the holiday. I will now - in my own way - moving forward. My grandmother would be heartbroken to know I've shunned the day, so for her and Isabelle I'm trying it again.

Thomas is still prohibited from buying me a gift (though anything handmade is welcomed) and we avoid the overpriced dinners. Yeah, he's not exactly complaining :-)

I did however make him, Isabelle, and my folks some gifts. It was enjoyable to do it. I really can't wait till Isabelle is old enough to make Valentine cookies with me for her daddy and of course all those handwritten valentine cards that will melt your heart!

Hope ya'll received your Valentine cards. I didn't have time to Photoshop, so yes those are my scars from injections - my war wounds for my most loved daughter!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Forget Hallmark and jewelry stores.. just enjoy a day dedicated to those that love you and those you love!!!!

Your Candy Heart Says "Hug Me"

A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.
Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out

Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking

What turns you off: fighting and conflict

Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What in the Blue Blazes??

Okay sorry to say this post is not Izzy related (unless you account for the fact that we are still the dynamic duo)

'member when I said the brides can smell the injured gazelle and suddenly flock to me like a case of fresh meat? um well it's gone nuts!!! I have maybe another 2 weeks before I bring my rockin' angel into the world, and the phone & emails won't stop!!!! I seriously have 6 new brides from just this morning..

I know it's SO bad to complain about a thriving business. Thomas just finds it all so hilarious, given my hunger in the beginning. But seriously this sucks! I can't turn business away (those chatty brides LOVE to chatter about vendors), and I honestly don't have the desire to tie one more stickin' ribbon..

Okay I know no sympathy for me..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Incredible Isabelle

I don't know what has gotten into this girl, but she pretty much moves nonstop these days! She whipped right through her NST (and I had a LONG contraction..sigh) and her ultrasound looked awesome. Isabelle is in a great position and seems to be more than ready to make her debut!

I have my first pelvic exam next week. Lucky for me my parents are in town, so they will be able to go to the apt with me since Thomas is working that day. I'm very eager to know if I've started dilating.. her head is super far down into my pelvis already, so I think there is a good possibility!!

I had been flying through my baby sewing project... until now. I'm sewing an insert for her carrier - something warm and fleecy to keep her warm (it's still pretty frigid here!)And the pattern is horribly written and I bought the wrong kind of zippers. UGH! What I would do for a glass of Pinot :/

I am also sewing her the MOST adorable Valentine's Day stuffed animal. You will die when you see the pics.. and yes I know I am VERY behind in pics..

AND a huge congrats to Nicole!! I can't wait to see even more pics of Anthony Jr.!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

First False Alarm

So all day yesterday I had Braxton-Hicks.. alot more than normal. At the NST and OB visit everything was fine, and I tried not think about it.

Late last night I started to have contractions every 4 minutes.. um yeah, a little close. But I was able to talk and move during them.. a sign that this wasn't really labor. It stoppped about an hour later.. Interesting stuff I must say. I was in complete denial - my suitcase isn't even packed!!!

Hope Ms. Isabelle can wait till March 3rd - tentative date for inducement. Today she is full of energy and moving nonstop....

We had our breastfeeding class last night. Yes, Thomas went! I had asked him to go with me and he being the great hubby he is, obliged me. The teacher was a little odd, but in general pretty good class. I can't say I learned too much new stuff - I've been quite the reader. And it looks like although I will be able to have a glass of wine fairly soon, STILL NO SUSHI!! UGH!! Looks like I'll be Ahi free until Isabelle is trained on boob and bottle.. The things you do for love :-)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cause You Never Know

Isabelle had wonderful results at her nonstress test! And I have started to drop according to my doc. I had a funny feeling I did.. my body looks different and the bathroom is a common place for me these days. It's funny though, I'm such a sound sleeper I don't wake up running for the potty like most moms.. downside is I'm in super pelvic pain when I do wake up..

And the drama of the car accident from last July is over. It's been finalized as a no fault. Pretty annoyed with it all. I'm just hoping the universe has a good reason for it. Ugh, Mr. Poopy Pants I'm sure will get his one day if he hasn't already. I'm not going to send more poop, I'm just going to hope that there was a reason for all of this..

And I'm SO glad Mitt loves America, because he's out! It's because he loves America.. or so he says.. I'm sure that loss of 35mil and lagging in the polls had nothing to do with it! WOOHOO! As most of Utah sheds a tear, I well.. do a little happy dance.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday!!

I voted for the first time in presidential election! If W did anything worthwhile during his time in office, it was to motivate me to get involved. I hope others were equally motivated. Arrived at the polling location as soon as they opened and didn't have to wait in line. Although I have no patience, it would have been nice to see a larger group of people.. oh well.

Thomas didn't approve of my final vote, but we learned a LONG time ago how to deal with such issues. And actually neither one of our feathers get ruffled. Considering when we met I was a vegetarian, PETA supporter and he was sucking down elk ribs from a previous hunt. It's kinda nice though that neither of us tries to change the other. Granted I've discovered that meat tastes good and Thomas' views on the Bush administration have changed..

The curtains are done.. another project I'm pretty proud of. My next big project is to reupholster a glider and ottoman.. too bad I can't have any wine to help me through it :-)

If you're in a Super Tuesday state - GO VOTE!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh Mitt, You Crack Me Up!

So here is a headline from a Utah Newspaper:
"Romney puts campaign on hold to attend Pres. Hinckley's funeral "

Hmm.. I doubt that is actually true. What better way to secure some Utah LDS conservative votes before Super Tuesday?? Of course he couldn't have predicted his death and I'm sure as a devout Mormon he is feeling some sadness of Hickley's passing, but really could this not be any better for him??? Ugh, I can't help but feel that he is exploiting the situtation..

Anyone else think his temper is amusing? I've yet to see him in a debate/interview/etc. where his fur has not been noticeable ruffled. He just seems SO unhinged to me..

Isabelle & I are still undecided on what to do this Tuesday. Thomas, my parents, and close friends are all divided! Not that I would vote for someone based on peer pressure, but all of these people in my life are intelligent and make valid arguments. So torn...

As we were hit with what feels like a foot of snow in a couple hours, I will be staying inside today!! And while Thomas is working I think I will actually watch the SuperBowl.. love commercials :-)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Forget Diamonds, Pedicures are a Girl's Best Friend!

Had my final baby shower today!! My awesome friends treated me to a wickedly good pedicure at NAILED in Sugarhouse. Such a cute day spa :-) I had awful back pain last night (to the point where I thought my back was going on out).. so all that time spent with a heating pad and Tylenol helped today! I woke up full of energy and truly enjoyed my shower :-) We also ate Trio - splurged on a yumm-o creme brulee and then did a little shopping.

Bliss is good friends, yummy dessert, and freshly polished massaged toes!!!!

We are off to Mass in just a few moments. I think the Catholic guilt is contagious! We missed last week because I was too sick to move, and I felt guilty all week!!! The church has a great circle of mommies that meet every Monday. I will be going either this coming Monday or the following. Wanted to meet everyone before I have Isabelle :-)

I can hardly believe that she can be here anywhere between next Wednesday and the first week of March!! My parents are off to Puerto Rico and I have promised I will not give birth (I hope I can keep that promise!!!!)

Almost done with her projects that I planned to do before her birth.. And yes I will post photos when I am done. I'm most pleased with her musical mobile that I'm creating.. so sweet and angelic :-) I wonder what all those naysayers will say if I am able to keep up with my craftiness after Isabelle is born. Ah, who cares! Some people always have some dig :-/

Anywho I'm enjoying some relief today and can't wait to feel Isabelle rock out to the choir tonight :-)

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Truth About the Hospital

Okay I'm still excited I am having my baby at the new hospital. Everyone in SLC county wants to have their baby there, and I'm lucky enough that both my Ob/Gyn and High Risk doc practice there.

But here's the truth..

* You don't have to share a labor or recovery room
* Both rooms have jacuzzi jet tubs
* Pretty nice food & drink accomodations for family
* They don't kick out people for certain "visiting hours"
* They have birthing balls and birthing bars.. which I will be requesting
* And in general pretty spacious rooms
* They are not BIG screen, but there are flat screen Tv's in both rooms
* Every electronic hookup you can imagine ( I can bring my Wii and MP3 player if I so choose.. I am planning on brining the latter and my DS.. I'm not playing Wii in my first few days with Isabelle..

* Those beds look like torture devices.. UGH!!! Comfort is the absolute last thing that comes to my mind. It looks like a jail bed (not that I've ever been in jail.. really, it's true.. all I've ever received is moving violation tickets)

* Beds for proud papa's look even worse!!!

So in general the hospital is great, but I was hoping to get some sleep in before we go home and people start visiting. In the hospital there is no cooking, cleaning, or trying to appease anybody's else's needs (aside from Isabelle).. and I was hoping to enjoy that with some good nappy naps.. Oh well :-/