Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lucky Am I!

And I ended up reading and working last night..

Friday, May 30, 2008

What do I do now..

Okay so for the first time in..months I have some free time. Isabelle is fast asleep and Thomas is at a party.

I have free time.

What do I do?

Do I knit? Do I get some long over due work in? Do I work out with WiiFit (which is kicking my behind..and my avatar is chunky..boohoo) Do I read? Do I get some extra hours of sleep? Do I start on Isabelle's June quilt?

I've been sitting here for about an hour now contemplating what to do with my free time.. and feeling guilty because I haven't decided and this rare moment is slipping by..

Wise, experienced moms.. tell me will I always be paralyzed with options when these rare moments come up??

AH! Maybe I should wake Isabelle up, this whole free time thing is TOO MUCH PRESSURE!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Missing In Action

Sorry it's been quiet here. These past 2 weeks were more crazy than normal. We had Isabelle's Baptism (pics can be seen on Flickr). All in all it was great, the only disappointment was I developed a nasty stomach flu and missed the party I planned for months :/ Isabelle loved all the attention, but was sick in the evening all weekend. Amid the chaos it was lovely to catch up with Pete & Amy and our families.

And we'll be in AZ for a visit soon! Looking forward to seeing all the new babies and introducing our friends to the lovely Isabelle!!

Isabelle is doing wonderful! She is still sleeping through the night (to me this means 5+ hours). Smiles all the time, but still hasn't had a full laugh;just a giggle here and there.

I've decided to replace the Belle Paperie newsletter with a blog. It will be named "All Things Belle". I'll be blogging about both businesses, my own hobbies, and that sort of thing. Once it's up and beautiful, I'll post the link. It won't have family or Isabelle updates, but if you are interested in what I'm doing craft/business wise.. that will be where to read about it!

I've also pledged to myself to get out and photograph for at least an hour a week. The skills I was developing have really started to slip. The only way is to practice!! I spent an hour yesterday taking pics of Isabelle in her crib (those will be posted by next Monday) and I'm hoping to drag the family to the Scottish Festival at Thanksgiving Pointe. Nothing like men in skirts to ignite some photography inspiration!!

**Latest photos are up..must say they are darn cute.. so easy with such a sweet subject!**

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Busy Izzy

This past week has been SO crazy. From planning her Baptism party to Mother's Day..
well let's just say I've had a few too many irons in the fire.

My first Mother's Day was just too fabulous. We celebrated on Saturday because Thomas works Sundays. My mother and I shopped in the morning at a few of our favorite Utah craft stores, relaxed rocking Isabelle in the afternoon, ate a YUMM-O Indian dinner, and opened gifts.

Thomas bought me a necklace with Isabelle's birthstone. My favorite piece of jewelry next to my wedding ring! And my folks bought me a diamond cross to wear at
Isabelle's Baptism - my next favorite piece of jewelry ;-)

And of course we took TONS of photos. I will be uploading those as time allows
over the next few days. The photo on the blog was for Mother's Day.
No words to express my love and joy.
Thank you Isabelle for letting me be your mother!!

And my girl is 2 months! ACK!
She smiles nonstop all day and is on the verge of laughing.
If only there were a pause button, this goes all too fast...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sick and Tired

Sick and tired. That's been our girl. She is finally getting over the worst of it. Poor thing has been SO congested and miserable. The only things that have appeased her is her cow cool mist humidifier and being held..all the time.

And we have her heard her cry. It is SO sad and yet kinda funny (sorry, Izzy). It starts by her jutting out her lower lip into this full out pout and then the lips tremble until she makes a kitten like cry. You know she's mad and has had it with you, but you can help but smile.. unless it's 3 am and you're crying (or at least want to!)

No pics. Figured a crying, snotty Isabelle may not be what you want to see.

She is back to mainly smiles today (especially after her #2 diaper changes.. silly little one!)

And we got to visit with Kelly E. last night! Woohoo!! Isabelle of course just loved her, and showed her the gummy smile many times. Kelly was SO sweet and bought her the most adorable stuffed monkey and book (monkeys are a favorite in this house!)

Looking forward to my mom & dad coming out tomorrow too! While Isabelle had a cold, they were ejoying Maui! Lucky ducks!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mom Guilt

Ugh! I went back to subbing this week at the library. A whole 9 painful hours away from Isabelle!! And she developed a small cold (we hope that's all it is.. RSV tests were negative) while I was at work.

2 words for you



And then my mom asks if I think she had such a rough week because she missed me.

Thank Mom.. way to rub it in.. is this payback for my teen years??

Here is a pic to make you laugh! I love how she already looks like I'm driving her nuts :-)