Sunday, January 10, 2010

So what's the word..

No baby this month,
but all that means is Thomas & I can reserve our vacation in Vegas for our 5 year anniversary!
It will be our very first night away from the Isa-pie.
And of course we're scheduling it so hopefully
"What happens in Vegas.. is delivered 9 months later"

Not too much else to blog about.
Thomas' shift is back on nights,
and our little darling is having a very rough time with the change.

In other news, we will get to visit with my family over
the Sundance Festival

Isa-pie is going to go ape when she discovers she gets to visit
Toodles (Mickey Mouse) so soon.. and with her cousins that she misses terribly.
Everyday she asks for Max and Coco (Chloe)

What a fabulous January we have to look forward to!


Jen said...

My little Jordan is a "what happens in Vegas arrives in 9 months."

Have a wonderful trip... and a great time at Disney. We're total Disney geeks in our household!!

kc said...

Wow!! Super jealous about Disney!! :-) Have fun duder! I will keep my fingers crossed for Vegas!!