Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Counting the hours

Happy birthday to the big papa!

We can hardly wait for our first appointment! I am SO excited to the heartbeat(s)!!! I'm trying to be calm; it's possible it's still too early to hear it.


And I seriously am getting huge.. As Bobbi has suggested, I will start posting pics.. Probably just monthly ones :-)


Bobbi said...

um no, weekly! do it!

Anonymous said...

take a recorder of some sort with you to tape the heartbeat(s). adam and I did that and it was the best thing ever. just stay as relaxed as possible and enjoy this time, it goes by very very fast.
kim (phx. pub. lib. buddy)

Amy said...

I hope you hear the heartbeat or heartbeats this week. My doctor wouldn't listen till I was almost 11 weeks.....but once we heard it, it just made my pregnancy that much more real.