Thursday, August 2, 2007

Showing Already??

I'm moving right along in my 8th week of pregger-hood. All is pretty much well. No Exorcist moments and from what I have read, if I haven't had them.. I won't! Hooray! Just every once in awhile I feel sea-sick.. But totally hungry all the time! Imagine that :-) So I haven't lost weight in my first trimester as lots of others do to sickness. I'm keeping it in line. I've gained about 4#'s.. which is pretty much on target with current recommendations..

But here's the thing. I've been this +4 maybe for the past week and a half.. and yesterday my body looks totally different! I'm already showing!!! Maybe if you saw me you wouldn't think so, but in a bikini.. totally..

It's SUPER early to be showing. I read most women don't show till 'round week 14.. Is it twins???

Twins will delight me, triplets will frighten me!! Twins runs in both of our families & the Clomid gives you a 10% increased chance of twins..

I'll let you know if in 2 weeks we hear heartbeat(s) :-)


Bobbi said...

you could be noticing it more cuz you're so skinny miss! not a lot of extra padding in that midsection :)

Cynthia said...

I did not show until 14 weeks. Hmmmm. :)