Friday, September 14, 2007

14 Week Doctor Visit

It appears everything is fabulous. That is a recent pic of me in my 4th month! My weight & belly are exactly where they should be. My sea-sickness is supposed to be fading (for the most part it has). Thomas & I were able to hear the hearbeat again. Music to my ears! I never get tired of hearing that beautiful beat :-) Thomas just about passed out when we got the details on the cost for the doc for the delivery.. oh my!

We will have our 18 week apt in mid-October.. and the great reveal of the baby sex on October 19th!! Let's hope our baby isn't being modest that day!!

All is wonderful what can I say? My back hurts in the evening, but my energy level is higher than it had been for some time. And my nesting is in full bloom. Poor Thomas is growing weary of his "honeydew" list :-)

I've been placed on a lifting restriction of 25# It is more for the health of my back, it doesn't hurt baby if I lift. And anything I can do to reduce back pain sounds great to me!
And that's about all the news I have. Soon, soon Karen will deliver Quinn!!! Hooray!!! Can't wait to see pics of Chica's baby!
And A BIG Happy Birthday to Lil' Pete! He is celebrating his first tomorrow!!!


Cynthia said...

You are glowing! I'm so happy for you. It gets more fun when the sickness goes away.

Bobbi said...

you are so cute! glad to hear all is going well.

Amy said...

Look at your cute little belly!! Love it!