Saturday, September 29, 2007


Thomas & I were able to go on one of the last of our getaways before the baby is born. We & my folks spent a very relaxing week up in Lake Tahoe. Amazingly, this pic I took doesn't even do it justice. So beautiful! And the irony is the last time my parents were there, my mom was very pregnant with me!

Thomas & my dad golfed for most of the week. I'm so happy Thomas had time to do that. Back home there is always so much to do! While the boys played, my & mom and I gambled in the only smoke-free casion (how awesome is that!) And I won about $300!! Aparently baby is lucky :-)

And of course no Rodriguez/Bell vacation would be complete without a fishing tour. I was so worried that I would spend the morning upchucking off the side of our little speedboat, but I didn't! Granted I didn't feel awesome, but I was still able to fish :-)

It's great to be home with all the animals. Unfortunately it seems as though having a baby is just as emotion stirring as planning a wedding. I'm doing everything I can to not be involved in it. It's just very sad that not everyone gets how hard this baby was to conveice and what a blessing it is. So be prepared I'm a little sensitive this week. Family.. gotta love it!


Cynthia said...

The picture is breathtaking - so very different than Phoenix, that's for sure. I go to Michigan next week for business and I'm so excited to see fall in the midwest - beautiful leaves, green grass (the total opposite of the desert).

Bobbi said...

glad to hear you're doing well and had a nice relaxing get away!