Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Real Easter Post Is Coming Tonight

So I'll post the Easter news later tonight. I'm going to do some photo sessions with her and there is some news I had wanted to blog about, but didn't find time (imagine that! lol)

Isabelle has put back on most if not all of her weight. She is back to being a greedy gobbler and it is music to both Thomas and I.

She lost her umbilical cord! It had been hanging by a thread and I knew it would happen soon. I went to change her Friday night and it was gone! I remembered that dogs were following me and I panicked! Did the eat it?!?! UGH! Luckily Thomas found it safe and sound. He actually asked if I wanted to keep it, but I informed him that although I love all of Isabelle.. that her umbilical cord was biowaste. Sorry Angel, that ain't going in a scrapbook!!

My mother and I went on some errands for a couple hours. The longest time Isabelle and I have been apart. It was pretty hard, but I was buying her fabric for her April & May quilts.

She is still an Angel! We had some doubters in the family, but it looks like we have been blessed with a a very easy gal. (Though Thomas thinks she has fussy moments.. goodness, I hope we don't have a fussy child later or my hubby will go nuts!)

Thomas and my dad took her on first walk outside (that's a pic of my pops with Isabelle in our front yard) Apparently it sent her to sleep, but it's good she got outside.

And last but not least Brooke visited us yesterday and brought the yummiest cupcakes! She is the sweetest gal and looks so flippin' adorable pregnant!! I can't wait till our babies can play together :-)

Okay.. so Easter pics and post to come later tonight.

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The Kelly Green Rogue said...

I'm glad things are going so well!