Saturday, March 29, 2008

Work Shmurk

So Thomas goes back to work tomorrow night :( Isabelle and I are very bummed, as is of course Thomas. These 2 weeks have flown by so fast. I'm just grateful that we've had this special time together. I spent the morning cooing with Isabelle and making chocolate cigars dolled up in pink foil for his big day back.

And the county was nice enough to give me 3 months off. Granted it wasn't paid since I'm a sub and all, but to not have to worry about work was great. I just signed up for my first 2 shifts back. UGH! It was sooo hard. The only good thing about returning to the library is knowing it gives Thomas & Isabelle some dedicated time together.

As far as Belle Paperie. Well I was given 1 week off... Seriously they came out of the woodwork before I went into labor. Isabelle and I spent some time last week working on samples and production. I technically closed for the month of March, but that didn't stop the orders..

Truth be told I know I'm lucky. I'll be spending somewhere between 8-12 hours/week away from my precious girl.. It will be good for Thomas & Isabelle and for me as well (Thomas told me this afternoon that I wear pj's everyday..and there maybe some itsy bit of truth in that statement..)

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La Gitana Que Viaja said...

Nothing wrong with pj's for work!