Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Missing In Action

Sorry it's been quiet here. These past 2 weeks were more crazy than normal. We had Isabelle's Baptism (pics can be seen on Flickr). All in all it was great, the only disappointment was I developed a nasty stomach flu and missed the party I planned for months :/ Isabelle loved all the attention, but was sick in the evening all weekend. Amid the chaos it was lovely to catch up with Pete & Amy and our families.

And we'll be in AZ for a visit soon! Looking forward to seeing all the new babies and introducing our friends to the lovely Isabelle!!

Isabelle is doing wonderful! She is still sleeping through the night (to me this means 5+ hours). Smiles all the time, but still hasn't had a full laugh;just a giggle here and there.

I've decided to replace the Belle Paperie newsletter with a blog. It will be named "All Things Belle". I'll be blogging about both businesses, my own hobbies, and that sort of thing. Once it's up and beautiful, I'll post the link. It won't have family or Isabelle updates, but if you are interested in what I'm doing craft/business wise.. that will be where to read about it!

I've also pledged to myself to get out and photograph for at least an hour a week. The skills I was developing have really started to slip. The only way is to practice!! I spent an hour yesterday taking pics of Isabelle in her crib (those will be posted by next Monday) and I'm hoping to drag the family to the Scottish Festival at Thanksgiving Pointe. Nothing like men in skirts to ignite some photography inspiration!!

**Latest photos are up..must say they are darn cute.. so easy with such a sweet subject!**

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