Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just Plane Fun

I had my first airplane adventure since news of the baby. Something strange ALWAYS happens to me on my flights (ie. see blog below.. and ask me about the sandwich thief if you ever need a laugh)

I'm happy to report that aside from the fact I had to drive myself to the airport because hubby was hung over (you see what I'm driving him to!), it was uneventful. There was no huge tadoo with my Lovenox syringes in my checked baggage. My hands were clenched the whole flight... what if my bag was delayed or worse lost?? But nope baggage arrived and medication in tact!

I happily devoured my honey peanuts and read pregnancy mags. And even scored an Emergency seat - bonus extra leg room to keep my blood moving (but really who would want pregzilla to help with an air emergency??)

Aside from the teenage couple to my right that seemed trying to join a certain flight club (ugh.. people really.. ) it was fine.

Could baby be my flight charm? Has he/she broken the curse??

Well there still is the flight home :-)

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