Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Firsts

Baby Rodriguez's first gift actually came just days before we knew we were pregnant. My folks had wanted to buy "new baby" a gift when they visited Yellowstone with my brother & his family. My neice was given the honor of choosing the gift; she chose a very soft black bear (we hear it almost didn't make it here...) In the end my neice was thrilled to give us "new baby's" first gift ever :-)

And I went on my first shopping trip for baby today. Yes I know, it's early. However, I love deals and love the idea of spreading out some of cost before it all hits. Thanks to my super shopper pal Karen, I started to stock up on baby food. It doesn't expire till '09! Thank goodness for our food cellar/wine cellar. And I bought a box of diapers. I'm hoping to buy a box every week in varied sizes.. that way it won't hurt the budget so much next spring!! And I bought some work acceptable maternity clothes that were on clearance. So cute! And I think I can alter them after baby to fit me again.

When I was checking out of Target, the cashier told me she would never in a million years guess I was preggers. I laughed and told her I'm just an early bird preparing. I'm thankful my obsession with ice cream isn't showing!!!

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