Friday, July 27, 2007

Rules, rules, and then more rules

Once I think I figured out all the ins & outs of what is good & bad for the baby.. I find more!

I was always under the belief that hair color is a huge nono when you're preggers. Now I've read that is 'okay' after the first trimester. I'm not vain, but my hair is seriously going grey quick!!! But I'm not sure I want to trade my Bride of Frankenstein look if it could harm the baby. So, I've read about this all natural Henna treatment. I'm all about it! I will wait till the 13th week just in case...

And I knew you couldn't have non pasteurized cheeses (Brie, feta, etc) Turns out you can't have deli meat or hot dogs either for the same reason. Listeria (sp?) is known to cause miscarriages.. So good thing those aren't cravings!

Past couple days I was super nauseous, but today is better. I have totally lost my taste for sweet things.. no ice cream for awhile please! It's all about the salty these days. Just what I need, help in the water retention department!

And the strange-o dreams have started. Granted before baby my dreams have always erred on odd... but they are at a new level now!

Looking forward to hosting Karen's baby shower next month. It has been so great to be preggers at the same time of so many of my friends. I can't wait for a get together next year. Forget the keggers and bring out the hooter hiders! :-)


Bobbi said...

glad to hear the nausea is passing! I knew that about deli meat and cheese. No tuna either

kc said...

I did see you can have hotdogs if you heat up to 160 degrees and some tuna in moderation (once a week would be safe), the deli meat is a bummer. Although I have to admit I have had bolgna a few times. :)