Monday, October 1, 2007

Red, White and Blue!

I can not wait till October 19th! At this point, we can truly say we are not wishing for one sex over the other. Just so happy to have a healthy baby. I am just so excited to know if I'm carrying Isabelle Clara or Thomas Daniel Lee!!

If it is little Isabelle, then we will be decorating the nursery in vintage redwork. Redwork dates back from the late 1800's and was very popular at the turn of the century. It is embroidery that is done solely in red. My mom has been working on a beautiful redwork quilt just in case! And of course we'll add in some country denim.

If it is little Tommy rumbling in my tummy, then the nursery will be vintage again - only vintage cowboys & indians. Lots of toned down red, white, and blue. And of course a vintage Red Rider gun that will sit on a shelf till he's at least 5 :-)

So either way it's gonna be a lot of vintage red, white, blue!! Not exactly typical colors, but we aren't exactly typical parents ;-)

I can't wait to start decorating!!!!!


Bobbi said...

both sound really pretty, be sure to take pictures!

Cynthia said...

You are much more patient that I was with my first. Right when I turned 16 weeks I ran to the nearest ultrasound place, paid $75 to find out what the sex was before my doctor would do a FREE ultrasound at 20 weeks. I just couldn’t wait another month. I felt even closer to the baby when I found out the sex. It was totally worth it. I may do the same thing this time.

Amy said...

I would bet you're having a girl. Only a couple more weeks!! So exciting for you guys!! I think it becomes that much more real and exciting when you find out the sex.


Lexy said...

You are so creative!! Can't wait to hear the exciting news.