Sunday, April 13, 2008

1 month!!

How is my baby girl already a month old?? In honor of her big first birthday, I've created some top 10 lists..

Top 10 things I love about Isabelle
1. Her smile (she is a smiley baby.. until I bring the camera out!)
2. Her sounds (she "sings" while she eats and sleeps)
3. Her grunts (hilarious!)
4. Her incredible sweet nature (we are beyond lucky!)
5. When she grasps my fingers (i know it's a reflex, but it tugs at my heart!)
6. Her way of looking angelic in each and every outfit (and she's got tons!!)
7. Her big beautiful eyes ( now she's awake more we get to see them!)
8. Her baby chick hair-do (and Thomas thinks I should be able to comb it..ha,ha!)
9. When she looks at me like I'm the greatest thing on Earth (helps calm my fears!!)
10. Her Bell butt (my baby got back!)

Top 10 Things I Know Now About Motherhood
1. To "worry" is no longer a verb, it is a state of being
2. Although you're always sure you probably doing something wrong, you're utterly convinced no one else will do it as well as you
3. When you think you have nothing else to give at the end of the day, you magically find a way
4. Women and men do things different (ie. burping, diaper changing, etc..)
5. No one is good enough for your child :-)
6. Showers are a gift from God when there is time
7. You had SO much more free time than you ever imagined
8. Time flies
9. Your mother was right
10. All single parents should be given standing ovations 24/7

All my love to ya my sweet baby girl!


La Gitana Que Viaja said...

Dammit. My mother was right?!?!?

Happy 1 month to Izzy!

Lexy said...

I love your top 10 lists!!

Amy said...

Loved your top 10 true! Nothing in the world is more challenging, so utterly self-sacrificing, yet truly rewarding than being a mommy...hardest, yet best job in the world! Happy 1 month to Isabelle!!

Anonymous said...

Happy one month Isabelle! I loved your thoughts on motherhood. The one about being sure you are doing everything wrong, but at the same time thinking no one else could do it as well as you. Someone needs to put that in a book, it is such an overwhelming feeling!!
What a lucky little girl to have such a great mommy!