Sunday, November 15, 2009

How Did This Happen

Wow.. letting the blog slip again, okay peoples I will try to be better!

Turned 31 this month! Ack!!
We took our annual trip to Disneyland and a fabulous time. It was pretty busy, so we may have to slightly change the dates for 2010 in hopes of finding a less crowded time.
You would never ever know this country is having money issues!!

Somehow I did not take a solitary picture while in Disneyland.
I know, I know..
Part of it is I don't think we got into the park before 4pm most days (Isa's naps..)
And well Isa was either hiding her face or squealing with joy over "Toodles" aka Mikey Mouse..
Not too much ability to fiddle with a F-Stop while grasping a toddler, stroller, and some sanity..

**The picture featured is Isa with one my dearest, best friends Annalee.
Thank you so much for making the drive!! **

And I got sick on the last day.
Feel pretty fortunate it that it is just your run of the mill cold,
but now Isa, Daddy, and Grandma have it.
Blame SWA and their dirty recirculated airplane air!

As most of you know, we lost a baby last month.
Physically I'm still recovering. I always thought these were fast, but my body apparently wanted to be pregnant as much as my heart did.
Most days I'm back to normal, but then someone at the library that is unaware of the situation will ask how the "baby" is, and it takes me a minute to realize they mean Isa.. and then it takes me a couple more minutes to pull myself back together again.

Isabelle, the bright girlie she is, was well aware we were expecting a baby.
She would kiss my belly and tell the baby hello.
It still breaks my heart when she tries to and I have to explain that the baby is in heaven.

We are hoping for another bright pink line in 2010.
So keeps those prayers, good wishes, and baby dust our way.
It is much appreciated!

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