Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sammy's Friends

When Isabelle was born and
we discovered she had symbrachydactyly,
I read everything I could on it and joined a couple online forums.

Sammy's Friends is a Yahoo group that discusses the ins and outs of being a family with a limb difference. They have seen me through so much; and I know I don't tell them enough but I'm so grateful for these wonderful people. They helped me over the initial shock, questions about the best surgeons, and even just run of the mill extended family issues.

They have a CafePress site where
you can buy items with the logo.
The little bit of money that is made
goes to helping group stay afloat.

Isabelle is in May - isn't she adorable?!

I know money is tight this year,but if there is someone special
on your list that has everything. Please consider
buying one of these calenders.
We've bought a bunch for those close to Isabelle.
We hope they especially enjoy seeing Isabelle's face in May,
but it's really much more than that.
This purchase is helping a group that has helped us
and so many others.
Our culture is so caught up in one
definition of beautiful and perfect.
I double dog dare you to look into these faces
and not see God's perfection.

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