Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful For Childproofing?!

While Thomas and I would never discourage childproofing gadgets, we have found they have done harm inadvertently. Those foam corners for coffee tables were ripped off in a matter of seconds and shoved in the mouth. The drawer locks allow just enough room for a toddler to shove her hand in and close hard..
Here is the latest childproofing escapade...

The goal -> to open a childproofed entertainment cabinet
The result -> a nice welt that will be a lovely lavender and black in family Thanksgiving photos
Ask the munchkin, and she'll tell you it was worth the pain (about 5 minutes of sobbing and cuddling)

Yes, folks this was a safe re-enactment.. I don't sit around with the camera waiting for moments of pain to capture on film.. Well, not most days..

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