Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life With Isabelle

So my little angel has learned how to pinch!
And pinch she does with a fair amount of glee.
I'm happy to know that she pinches equally well with her left hand.
Granted I don't like to be pinched hard on the bosom,
but it's a sign that she's already learning how to use her fingers.
(P.S. That is a staged pic, so no worries about blankies in bed!)

Now that she's awake for about half the day, she's getting kind of bored. Apparently there is only so much snuggling on the recliner with mom that she can stand. So I finally tried to put her in the swing Annalee bought her. Um... she was pretty down right scared the first time. She is starting to warm up to it, but Isabelle is pretty much of the opinion that if she is gracing you with her presence, you will hold her. And since I know in 13 years when Isabelle's convinced I'm the most embarrassing mother known to man, all I will wish for are the days when I could hold her.. so I gladly hold on to her all day :-)

Okay love the idea of giving a potted plant or flower as a favor! Problem is her signature flower (yes she has one already!) are pink & purple tulips.. no one is shipping bulbs till fall!! Grr.. still like the idea, so I'll have to see what nurseries are selling these days..

I'll be posting more "Life With Isabelle" pics on Flickr today..


kc said...

Love the picture in annalee's "chair". She is very awake and very adorable :)

kc said...

Hey dude.. so here is some blogging thing...
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You have been "tagged" :)