Tuesday, April 22, 2008


When did party favors get so cheesy?

I'm gearing up for Isabelle's first party ever! I'm so excited and daunted by the task. I want everything to be perfect for my little girl, and well that's becoming a tall order.

What on Earth do you give as a favor at a Baptism party? I would like to give each couple a memory album of the day, but for obvious reasons I couldn't give that at the party. So what to do?

The Internet is chock full of every hideous cheesy favor you can imagine. And they are the same for each occasion! I don't want her name and Baptism date slapped on a candy bar, bubbles, soap, or anything like that. Can you believe I actually saw today where they were selling Cosmopolitan and Margarita mix as a favor for this religious occasion!! Granted there will be champagne and beer at the party, but as a parting gift?!?

Ugh! What to do when there are too many guests to buy each person a real gift..


La Gitana Que Viaja said...

Seriously, margarita mix for a baptism parting favor?!?

Anonymous said...

We once went to a baptism and each guest choose a baby cactus and the little marker (usually has the name of the plant and watering instructions) had her name, birth date, baptism date and a little saying. We had it for over three years and we always called it 'Madeleine's cactus' I thought it was kind of neat...or you could do shot glasses J/K

kc said...

I don't think anyone would expect a favor dude, unless they are eight years old. They should be there for Isabelle..

But if you insist, what about a simple frame (perhaps with isabelle's info) and you could take a quick pic of them holding her and slip it into the frame.