Friday, April 18, 2008

Mini Milestones

* I packed my maternity clothes away. HOORAY! The poundage is slipping away. As much as I LOVED being pregnant, I'm SO happy to have a waist again. Granted I'm not slipping into my size 4's anytime soon - remember the blog title is "mini milestones".. Once the doc gives me the okay to exercise I'll be running those late night cravings off!!

* Isabelle slept for 5 hours last night! It was an amazing thing, a beautiful thing, a much desired thing. Keep it up sweet girl!!

* And my milk production is finally increasing. I now have 2 lactation consultants, take every herb known to man that is supposed to help, drink water like I'm a fish, and much much more. I'm hoping in the next week or two we can go back to ONLY nursing.. If anyone else is having some nursing issues, keep up with it.. Things can get better!!!

And I guess that's about it for milestones. Isabelle's hair is getting longer and darker. Her eyes are more of a steel blue now as well. She is as beautiful and sweet as ever.

Hope all is well in cyber space...

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NerdyMom said...

Hi Jennifer! It's great to meet you! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! If you look way back to when Jordan was little you'll see how I slowly learned how our little ones can do absolutely anything!