Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do I Offend Thee?

Back in the day I was no stranger to extremely short skirts and little left to the imagination tops. Um, but it's no longer "back in the day". Since we found out that we are pregnant, my look has grown more conserative. Still cute, but covered up.

It hasn't been intentional. There is just something about my blossoming belly and enlarged chest that has calmed me down. I haven't said too much cause it's not too mommy-like to mention, but my chest is alot bigger (people I'm on my way to my 2nd cup increase and just starting my 5th month) I'm not bragging and given my more conserative move.. it hasn't been easy.

SO! Imagine my surprise when today a patron basically called me a harlot!! I was wearing maternity cords and a matching SWEATER set that my dear mom bought me. This patron told me I was "hanging out" and she could see everything. While she insisted I help her, she obviously stared at the ceiling..too appalled to look me in the eye.

I don't get it. And given my hormones, it put me into a state of tears.. still tears me up right now. I wasn't hanging out and the idea that someone would think I would dress salicious as a mother-to-be was a swift kick to the tummy.

Oh well. I asked God for big tata's when I was younger. Never have I regretted a wish more!


Bobbi said...

ok seriously who the fuck thinks it's ok so say that to someone? Unless you were close to showing some nipples I'd say she needs to get the stick out of her ass. I'm sure you looked adorable and the uptight bitch needs to get laid. and you can tell her I said so!

sending much love and you-look-adorable vibes your way!

Cynthia said...

People can be so rude. Here is something I read the other day. I love the thought, but have to admit it's so hard to practice - especially when people are mean and you are suffering from hormone overload...

"When the voice and vision inside becomes louder, clearer, and more profound than the opinions on the outside, that is when you have mastered your life."