Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Nikon, My Love

I did it. I finally bought it! Basically, I needed a camera to take my own product photography (spent a fortune last year) and I want to take my own baby photos ( I imagine I would have otherwise spent a fortune)

So I spent a mini-fortune and have outfitted myself with a brand spakin' new Nikon D80 with 2 mini-fortune lenses and everything else I "needed". It took 3 hours to get everything.. I think it was a salesman technique to wear me down! But I had done research for weeks now and needed some instant gratification!

Had a little buyer's remorse last night. That was until my battery powered up.. and then it began. Since Thomas is out elk hunting for the week, the animals were my defenseless prey. I LOVE MY CAMERA!!! It is amazing! Until I have time for the classes my camera came with, I'm all about pre-set settings, but I'm looking forward to learning all about it.

And yes I will post more pics (even of my belly now that I have a remote control to work my camera!) I just had work last night & work all day today.. so once the software is setup, you will be overwhelmed!

Long live Nikon!

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Bobbi said...

oh! I have camera envy! I have a new one all picked out but now I'm jsut waiting for the F'ing house to sell. grrrr.