Sunday, October 14, 2007

Knock Knock

A few days ago I thought I feel the baby's first movement, but I wasn't too sure. According to my doc, this is very typical at my stage and reassured me that I would feel the baby very soon.

Well.. Aparently baby was as excited as I was that Thomas was returning home on Saturday from his elk trip (no elk..boohiss)

In the middle of a fundraising gig for Junior League, I feel a tap,tap,tap.. tap,tap,tap.. This went on for what seemed like a long time. Folks, baby has made his/her debut!!

It's been quiet today, but I didn't feel much till around 5pm yesterday.. so maybe baby is a late riser!!

On sad news, my adorable butter of joy foster cat Dewey is going down hill. I'm taking him in tonight & tomorrow to the vet. Please keep positive thoughts his way. He is pure love and deserves a long happy life!!!


Cynthia said...

Feeling the baby move for the first time is an unexplainable joy! I'm so happy for you. No movement here...this one is still quiet.

Amy said...

I'm with Cindy. When you first feel the baby move it is such a wonderful feeling. It makes it that much more real! Can't wait till you guys find out what you are having!!