Sunday, November 25, 2007

5 Books

During the trip from Tucson to Phoenix, my dad and I got into a discussion about the 5 most influential books we've read. How we got to that conversation is a long path, but it is an interesting question - and far more difficult to answer that it would first appear. To find ONLY 5 books that changed your life - not simply 5 books that you liked..

Here is a my list...
1. Wide Sargasso Sea - for its deconstruction of a novel and analysis of a woman. And yes I did one of my thesis' on it so I do have quite alot love for it.

2. Ulysess - for its amazing first take on internal dialogue.

3. The Photoshop CS2 book for photographers - it has become my bible (thanks Annalee!)

4. Great Expectations - the book I hold dear. It's a toss up on whether I choose it for love or the effect. To me it is what literature aspires to be.

5. Orientalism - the "other".. such a profound subject. It helped me to understand my fascination with the Wicked Witch... really it did!

Of course I love a gizzlion books.. but that was not the question :-)

And Miss Isabelle has moved into a full active stage. She reacts to Thomas' voice and *loves* when I have time to lay on my side - that's soccer time!! Izzy has kicked for her Daddy, her Grandma Bell, her aunty Reggie, and her cousin Chloe. Grandpa Bell is quite anxious for his turn!!


Bobbi said...

hmmm, definitely food for thought, I'll have to start thinking of my own list. Changed is the important part.

Glad to know Izzy is so active!

Cynthia said...

Oh yes...this is a great blog, thank you! Now I must complile my own list...something that will, for me, create hours of thought provoking fun! I have journaled all the books I have read since 2001 but have never thought to pick the five most influencial and why. Thanks for the great idea!