Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Hope ya'll had a fun night!
We had nonstop trick-or-treaters for about 2 hours,
I thought for sure Thomas was going to have to run to Walgreen's for more candy!

Here is a slightly Photoshoped pic of our pumpkins.
Can I tell you, it is SO hard to get a good image of lit pumpkins :-)

Now that the after Halloween sales are on,
I've bought Isabelle the following outfits for next year and photo shoots:
fairy, chick, Snow White, skunk, and lamb!
I'm thinking I will be Bo-Peep (G-rated of course) and Isabelle will be a lamb.
Maybe we'll make Thomas a non scary wolf... we'll see

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Bobbi said...

yeah pumpkins! I didn't even get one this year :(