Thursday, November 29, 2007


Okay so one of my MOST favorite ladies in the whole world told me she is preggers!!! And she's here in Utah!! I'm beyond happiness. Almost all my girlfriends are with child or just had one - and they are all out of state! And I've been so sad that Isabelle will not grow up near them. BUT NOW SHE WILL!!

See I can make it all about me - lol. Totally excited for you Brooke!! Now you must create a blog too (when you aren't sleeping or puking!)

And we went to the dentist today. Isabelle is not cool with dentist. Laying on my back in a dentist chair for 2 hours made us sick and very unhappy. I have a couple more appointments before she is due (getting some crowns) and I just don't know if I can muster it. We'll see.. For now we're just excited that feeling has be returned to our face and lips..

AND I'm off to my WA shower :O) A spa weekend with the famous Budwit ladies. We will be ringing in another one in true love & laughter. Can't wait to see ya'll!!

Much love - the derliously happy Jenn & Isabelle

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