Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Toddler Photo Shoot

So I did my first toddler photo shoot today.
I can truly say the more I learn,
the more I need to learn!

Nici has a beautiful family!!
Those children would be cherubs if you could attach wings!
As usual, you can see the pics on Flickr -
I liked 50 of 250.. but from my photog buddies experience this is normal..

Isabelle had her 24 week apt. this week and is perfect!
The Doc could not be happier with all the
tests results and apparently my blood pressure is "gorgeous".
Even though I'm a tense gal, I've always had super low blood pressure.

And I've started working on my first project
for my sweet baby girl's nursery.
I saw this red cotton rag rug in my favorite
baby boutique for over 100.00!
So I'm making it for about 20.00 though it will take some hours :-)

And I bought a Moses basket used for 20.00!!
I will probably only use it for pics,
but it is a steal (another item that easily goes over 100.00)
The bedding it came with pastel yuck yuck,
so I will be sewing some new ones
with Moda's Mother Goose & Friends fabric.

And one last crafty bit..
I'm going to try to make another velvet maternity dress
for Turkey day.. We'll see if time allows tomorrow!

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Bobbi said...

I looked at them on Flickr! they look great. congrats!

Glad to hear you and Izzy are doing so well!