Thursday, January 24, 2008

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting!

So Miss Isabelle passed her first nonstress test with flying colors! Nurse confirmed that she indeed is one active baby. And even with all the movement I feel, that I probably only feel half of what she is doing! I swear this girl is WonderWoman!!

And of course near the end of test she started the hiccups. This has been her thing lately. We had 2 bouts 2 days ago, another set yesterday, and these today. They crack me up - because her head is so low, it makes my bum vibrate.. a very odd sensation to say the least. Aparently when a baby has hiccups, they can't stop the test until she finishes.. It was a long late morning :-) And lucky for us hiccups are a VERY good sign of baby well being.

We'll be back next week for another look.. we'll see what tricks she comes up with then..

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