Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Just Plain Ugly..

The Good
What can I say? Life is grand. Aside from the joy of bringing Isabelle into our lives, my baby showers have been so good for my soul. It has been an emotional year, and I have forgotten just how much loves surrounds Thomas and I. All I can say is THANK YOU! And I'm happy to hear that so many of my favorite ladies had a fun time at the AZ shower. It was exactly what I wanted - a night to laugh, catch up, and just enjoy each other's company!

We are starting on Isabelle's nursery this weekend. Every time someone would ask about it, I would shrink inside. We couldn't start on it till the basement was completely finished. We've created a fabulous 2nd master bedroom in the basement and all of that furniture was in Izzy's room. BUT now we can move it out and get started on some nursery fabulousness!! I will be a sewing maniac in these next weeks!

And we have a WII! I will contain myself for if I go on about our love for the WII you would think it were dear Isabelle. So let's just say it's GRAND! We don't see going out too much in our future, so this is our toy :-)

The Bad
Sigh.. Just when I think Isabelle and I are out of the woods healthwise, I get kicked with a heavy dose of reality. The pregnancy has been great - no complaints. I have truly loved being pregnant and my Ob has been fab. It's the birth that can change everything.. There isn't too much good to read on the Internet about childbirth and blood thinners. And I have been kept awake at night for several days terrified about what could happen to either or both of us. So we are going to be speaking with a specialist at the U and hopefully get some answers and work out a safe, feasible birth plan. It's so hard to be at the 3rd trimester classes with these other moms who's greatest fear is what they need to pack in their overnight bag.. Isabelle's mom is a damn good fighter and I'm sure she'll pick up the Jedi way - may the force be with us!!!

And some guy pushed me on the airplane on my way home to AZ. Had he not been 90 and if my mother hadn't been holding me back.. he would have lost his dentures! As it was, I gave him a damn good tongue lashing full of non approved Mormon words.. You don't mess with Mama Bear!!!

The Ugly
I was SO convinced I would escape from stretch marks. NOT! My boobs became trashed early in the 2nd trimester. Why on Earth I ever wished for big tata's is beyond me! And while in AZ I've noticed those war wounds appearing on the bottom curve of my baby belly! ACK!! Oh and here is the topper!!! My belly button is not an innie and it is not an outie. It's some weird thing in between.. It's very shallow and sometimes part of it falls out. GROSS!!! So when I get the appearance of a flat stomach, I am repiercing my belly button with a long barbell and creating a closed system!!!

All in all we are good :-)

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Bobbi said...

ok the last part made me laugh out loud. Good luck chica! My thoughts are prayers are with both you and Izzy!