Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby Test

Had our 2nd nonstress test today. Isabelle passed just fine. She is being quirky lately. Some nights you would swear she is looking for the way out.. other days so quiet (but always passes her kick tests)

And I have a new best friend! They're warm, comforting, and ease some pain. I LOVE MY HEATING PAD!! I look absolutely ridiculous with a heating pad tied around my chest, but hey I'm up for anything these days that reduces the pain.

Thomas is being super supportive and loving. Couldn't ask for a better hubby!!

And every animal in this house is love starved. They are getting their normal lovey times, but I think they sense that baby will be here VERY soon!!

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The Kelly Green Rogue said...

yeah! I'm glad things are going so well!