Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow Angel

We got pounded this morning in Utah. I think we ended up with like 6-7 inches of fresh snow here in the valley in a matter of hours. And sadly my hubby, my reliable snow plower is getting some zzz's (on night shift again).. so Izzy and I had to shovel snow! Shoveling 6-7 inches off our 3 car RV driveway sucks butt in general, and when you're weeks away from the epidural.. it gives new meaning to SUCKS!

Oh well, Isabelle and I had a doc apt this afternoon that could not be I forsee a long hot shower to heal the inevitable back ache that will occur tonight.

On happier news we found a Catholic church we both like. It is very family and community oriented. We attended their Italian dinner feast this past Saturday - yummo! And Isabelle LOVES church! She totally rocks out to the music and has a grand ol' time in my belly!!

Our friendly polygy neighbors (what?? they totally are.. not that I care, at least they like us!) finished shoveling for me!!! I just did my part of the driveway and walkway before Isabelle starting hitting the sciatica nerve too hard.. Oh, I'm so happy!!

And yes Julie it IS totally time to get a snow blower!! We were fooled by last year's winter, I think we have a better understanding of Utah snow now :-)

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Julie said...

Time to invest in a snow blower!