Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Incredible Isabelle

I don't know what has gotten into this girl, but she pretty much moves nonstop these days! She whipped right through her NST (and I had a LONG contraction..sigh) and her ultrasound looked awesome. Isabelle is in a great position and seems to be more than ready to make her debut!

I have my first pelvic exam next week. Lucky for me my parents are in town, so they will be able to go to the apt with me since Thomas is working that day. I'm very eager to know if I've started dilating.. her head is super far down into my pelvis already, so I think there is a good possibility!!

I had been flying through my baby sewing project... until now. I'm sewing an insert for her carrier - something warm and fleecy to keep her warm (it's still pretty frigid here!)And the pattern is horribly written and I bought the wrong kind of zippers. UGH! What I would do for a glass of Pinot :/

I am also sewing her the MOST adorable Valentine's Day stuffed animal. You will die when you see the pics.. and yes I know I am VERY behind in pics..

AND a huge congrats to Nicole!! I can't wait to see even more pics of Anthony Jr.!!!

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The Kelly Green Rogue said...

yes you are behind on the pictures! I'm glad things continue to go so well!