Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What in the Blue Blazes??

Okay sorry to say this post is not Izzy related (unless you account for the fact that we are still the dynamic duo)

'member when I said the brides can smell the injured gazelle and suddenly flock to me like a case of fresh meat? um well it's gone nuts!!! I have maybe another 2 weeks before I bring my rockin' angel into the world, and the phone & emails won't stop!!!! I seriously have 6 new brides from just this morning..

I know it's SO bad to complain about a thriving business. Thomas just finds it all so hilarious, given my hunger in the beginning. But seriously this sucks! I can't turn business away (those chatty brides LOVE to chatter about vendors), and I honestly don't have the desire to tie one more stickin' ribbon..

Okay I know no sympathy for me..

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