Friday, February 1, 2008

The Truth About the Hospital

Okay I'm still excited I am having my baby at the new hospital. Everyone in SLC county wants to have their baby there, and I'm lucky enough that both my Ob/Gyn and High Risk doc practice there.

But here's the truth..

* You don't have to share a labor or recovery room
* Both rooms have jacuzzi jet tubs
* Pretty nice food & drink accomodations for family
* They don't kick out people for certain "visiting hours"
* They have birthing balls and birthing bars.. which I will be requesting
* And in general pretty spacious rooms
* They are not BIG screen, but there are flat screen Tv's in both rooms
* Every electronic hookup you can imagine ( I can bring my Wii and MP3 player if I so choose.. I am planning on brining the latter and my DS.. I'm not playing Wii in my first few days with Isabelle..

* Those beds look like torture devices.. UGH!!! Comfort is the absolute last thing that comes to my mind. It looks like a jail bed (not that I've ever been in jail.. really, it's true.. all I've ever received is moving violation tickets)

* Beds for proud papa's look even worse!!!

So in general the hospital is great, but I was hoping to get some sleep in before we go home and people start visiting. In the hospital there is no cooking, cleaning, or trying to appease anybody's else's needs (aside from Isabelle).. and I was hoping to enjoy that with some good nappy naps.. Oh well :-/

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The Kelly Green Rogue said...

ooh I hope it all goes well!