Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday!!

I voted for the first time in presidential election! If W did anything worthwhile during his time in office, it was to motivate me to get involved. I hope others were equally motivated. Arrived at the polling location as soon as they opened and didn't have to wait in line. Although I have no patience, it would have been nice to see a larger group of people.. oh well.

Thomas didn't approve of my final vote, but we learned a LONG time ago how to deal with such issues. And actually neither one of our feathers get ruffled. Considering when we met I was a vegetarian, PETA supporter and he was sucking down elk ribs from a previous hunt. It's kinda nice though that neither of us tries to change the other. Granted I've discovered that meat tastes good and Thomas' views on the Bush administration have changed..

The curtains are done.. another project I'm pretty proud of. My next big project is to reupholster a glider and ottoman.. too bad I can't have any wine to help me through it :-)

If you're in a Super Tuesday state - GO VOTE!!

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