Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sit Jenny Sit

So I had my pelvic exam. I'm not dilated and only about 50% thinned out. We were looking at being induced on the 10th. We had just figured out the best day to go into the hospital and were getting our ducks in a row.. then I had my NST today.

My amniotic fluid has made a drastic drop and my blood pressure is up quite a bit from yesterday. So here in the recliner I sit.. and that's about the extent of my world for awhile. We go back in Friday to see if rest has helped or if Izzy will make her debut.

This week has been pretty hectic getting Belle Paperie in order for a month off and finishing up production & consultations. I knew I would be doing alot.. aparently it was too much.

So.. it may be awhile before I blog, call, or email. All is well I'm sure, it's just the first issue that has blindsighted us.


The Kelly Green Rogue said...

I hope it works. You should be knitting. It will keep your hands busy and help you relax.

Lexy said...

Thinking about you :)