Saturday, February 2, 2008

Forget Diamonds, Pedicures are a Girl's Best Friend!

Had my final baby shower today!! My awesome friends treated me to a wickedly good pedicure at NAILED in Sugarhouse. Such a cute day spa :-) I had awful back pain last night (to the point where I thought my back was going on out).. so all that time spent with a heating pad and Tylenol helped today! I woke up full of energy and truly enjoyed my shower :-) We also ate Trio - splurged on a yumm-o creme brulee and then did a little shopping.

Bliss is good friends, yummy dessert, and freshly polished massaged toes!!!!

We are off to Mass in just a few moments. I think the Catholic guilt is contagious! We missed last week because I was too sick to move, and I felt guilty all week!!! The church has a great circle of mommies that meet every Monday. I will be going either this coming Monday or the following. Wanted to meet everyone before I have Isabelle :-)

I can hardly believe that she can be here anywhere between next Wednesday and the first week of March!! My parents are off to Puerto Rico and I have promised I will not give birth (I hope I can keep that promise!!!!)

Almost done with her projects that I planned to do before her birth.. And yes I will post photos when I am done. I'm most pleased with her musical mobile that I'm creating.. so sweet and angelic :-) I wonder what all those naysayers will say if I am able to keep up with my craftiness after Isabelle is born. Ah, who cares! Some people always have some dig :-/

Anywho I'm enjoying some relief today and can't wait to feel Isabelle rock out to the choir tonight :-)


The Kelly Green Rogue said...

yeah ! I'm glad you had a great day! :)

Cynthia said...

You are getting so close! How exciting!