Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cause You Never Know

Isabelle had wonderful results at her nonstress test! And I have started to drop according to my doc. I had a funny feeling I did.. my body looks different and the bathroom is a common place for me these days. It's funny though, I'm such a sound sleeper I don't wake up running for the potty like most moms.. downside is I'm in super pelvic pain when I do wake up..

And the drama of the car accident from last July is over. It's been finalized as a no fault. Pretty annoyed with it all. I'm just hoping the universe has a good reason for it. Ugh, Mr. Poopy Pants I'm sure will get his one day if he hasn't already. I'm not going to send more poop, I'm just going to hope that there was a reason for all of this..

And I'm SO glad Mitt loves America, because he's out! It's because he loves America.. or so he says.. I'm sure that loss of 35mil and lagging in the polls had nothing to do with it! WOOHOO! As most of Utah sheds a tear, I well.. do a little happy dance.

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