Monday, June 9, 2008

Milk Maid

and the breastfeeding saga continues.. amazingly I made more milk than ever while we were on our trip in Arizona (lots of pumping in the car..). I've accepted that I'll never make enough to meet all of Isabelle's feedings, but so far I can do about 3/4ths.. I also read that with subsequent children, it is possible that your body will produce even more milk. I have hope that maybe I can breastfeed in the future.

I recently bought a pumping bra:

It is awesome! Granted you're still hogtied to the pump, but I can knit, email or play with Isabelle. Considering I'm pumping every 3 hours for at least a 1/2 hour.. this is HUGE in my life. I can't believe it took me almost 3 months to buy it. If you're pumping - go buy it!!

And if you can believe it, someone in our family was rattling off a story about some other woman's breast feeding issues and their similar lack of patience?! Um it took all I had to not fall over in disbelief. In this day and age I would hope that our fellow women would support each other. And if you think I don't have patience and that's what killed the whole breastfeeding thing - see note above about how many hours of my life are dedicated to being a milk maid. *sigh*

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NerdyMom said...

I'm sorry I don't get a chance to visit your blog more often. I totally understand your feelings of "milk maid." I was very tired of it... But I also watched how my kids grew and stayed healthy. It's an exhausting process, but it's just another sign of how we will do anything for our kids!!