Sunday, June 22, 2008

So behind!

Ack! I'm so behind. I have the same excuse, lovin' life with the darling Isabelle!

We had a fabulous first Father's Day with my folks. We went to Gardner Village for Pioneer Days, Thomas cooked a roast in the ground (and it was good!), and we watched Lonesome Dove. My hubby's father always watched it on Father's Day and my cowboy wanted to keep with tradition. So Isabelle bought him Lonesome Dove, the spaghetti Western collection, and I bought him golf lessons. Thomas so rarely gets to do something that isn't work or Isabelle related! And I told him that when Isabelle starts her golf lessons, I will too!

Isabelle and I made my father a Shutterfly photobook. He loved it! That will be our annual gift for Poppy!!

Let's see.. Isabelle turned 3 months! I can't believe it. I've had to put away a number of clothes - some she never had the chance to wear :( She can flip on her side and from her side flip to her tummy, but not all at once. Isabelle is also sleeping in her crib! She outgrew her bassinet and papasan. I can't believe how fast this is all going..

We took her to Park City this past week. She slept through it all, but it was SO nice to do something as a family. Most weekends Thomas and I take turns getting errands and chores done, so this was a well deserved treat!

And last but not least, Isabelle and I went to the Zoo today with some other mommies. It was hot as blue blazes and she slept through it all, but I had a chance for some mommy chat and take photos.

And this blog is empty of photos because I've been uploading all morning to Flickr and seriously can't upload one more photo..

alright you lucky ducks, since this is SO flippin' cute, I added it.. Want to see more?? Go to Flickr!

Alright I'll be better about blogging.. lots of love - J&I

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NerdyMom said...

She really is SO stinkin' cute!!! Flickr is awesome isn't it? I'm way behind on blog reading. It's great to catch up and see how things are going!