Wednesday, June 25, 2008

She sees them!

Isabelle is a huge fan of the baby swing her auntie Annalee bought her. And since it seems to put her to sleep for 2 nice naps everyday, I'm a huge fan :o)

Above the swing is a teddy bear mobile. It's been there every day she's been in the swing. I had thought for sure she noticed them. I was wrong, because today she noticed them for the first time!

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner (and no it wasn't frozen pizza..ha,ha) and I heard her exclaim. She was looking up at her teddy bear in total amazement! So sweet..

*** UPDATE*** the bears attacked! I kid you not, not one minute ago my angel was sleeping in the swing and bear mobile fell on her!! she slept through it, but what a freaky thing to happen right after i blogged.. apparently the bears wanted to remain anonymous

I also opened up my Etsy store. Here are some pics of my lovely model..


La Gitana Que Viaja said...

LOVE the knit pieces and the photos!

AmericanMaid said...

Once I sat a little toy on top of the swing and it fell down and konked my brother right on his big old basketball noggin. Seriously, and I'm about to have one of my own....

I love the pics of the babe!!! So cute!

Cynthia said...

OMG. I am mailing Paige to you right now to get some pics of her like those!!!

Veronique said...

Bad, bad bears!!! Isabelle is such an angel, I love the pics with the bundler. Great idea!