Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Trip To Arizona

It was SO much fun catching up with everyone! We drove to Kingman on the first day. Isabelle had a chance to chat with her Grandpa Dan and meet her cousins, Bailey and Brycen. Bailey was completely enchanted with her. It was pretty cute to watch. Granted neither boy thought having to wash their hands so they could play with her was fun (what is it with handwashing and kids.. you'd think it was

Thursday we drive down to Phoenix and had dinner with my two closest friends, Karen and Annalee. I can't believe these girls! Annalee flew out from CA for the night just to spend time with us, and Karen drove up from Tucson with her baby boy Quinn. Sometimes I'm just in awe of how great our friends are!

Karen with Isabelle

Isabelle and Annalee

The Quinn Man


Friday we had lunch with Pete, Amy, and lil' Peter. I think Peter was a tad jealous of Isabelle, but that didn't stop him from hamming it up! And before we left we had a chance to catch up with Nicole and baby Anthony. What a kicker!! Nicole is going to be very busy with that active boy!

And later that night of course we had our pool party. Can I tell you how easy it is to have a party at a hotel - I think I will only have parties at hotels now :-) Oh.. and I didn't get any pictures, but Isabelle and I had a fun time in the hot tub - she is such a water baby! There were SO many babies..Paige is such a sweetie pie and Addison is getting SO strong!! I'll be posting the pics on Flickr. I didn't get a ton - I was pretty paranoid about all the splashing near the camera..


Saturday we packed up and headed to Chino Valley to visit with Thomas' mom. Isabelle of course enjoyed the break from being in her car seat and loved the poncho that Nana crocheted for her.

Sunday we journeyed home! All in all Isabelle did really well considering the amount of time she spent in her warm car seat. Aside from a few crying sessions and not wanting to sleep, we all survived. I think it will be awhile before we take her on another road trip though..


Julie said...

So bummed we missed you! Hope to see you on the next trip!

Cynthia said...

It was such a treat to see you guys. I can tell how in love you are with your very special family. Hope to see you again very soon.

Veronique said...

Ah, we were so disappointed to miss you guys!! I wanted to meet little Isabelle so badly, but unfortunately Jaiden and I came down with the stomach flu Wednesday...we missed seeing Nicole too! Darn germs!!! Lots of hugs to you!