Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wrong Day To Be Walking

Isabelle and I have taken to strolls around the neighborhood. With a SLC library super close and so many parks around, there is tons to amuse little Isabelle. I met with another mommy from one of my SLC mommy boards today to do some stroller walking. It was really nice to get out of the house in this fabulous weather and have a mommy chat. Mary Anna, the other mommy, has a little girl just a few months older than Isabelle. Lucky me - I get to see what fun awaits me!!

Turns out though today was the wrong day to be walking! A cougar was spotted and caught just a couple blocks away!!!! Just a tad scary. It won't keep us from what is becoming a morning tradition, but maybe I should be packing some heat :-/ Just kidding.. kind of..

Happy to report that my Wii Mii is skinny! I've lost enough weight to make WiiFit happy... I am still hoping to lose 10-20 more, but at least I look great on Wii!!

Isabelle is SO excited about her big AZ debut!! She's busy today picking out her most stylish hot weather outfits :-)

Lots of slobbery kisses,

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